About Us

We are specialists in online marketing. In our professional team you will find PPC and SEO consultants, and other marketing specialists.


About Us

We are specialists in online marketing. In our professional team you will find PPC consultants, CRO / UX consultants, PR managers, social media managers, e-mail specialists, SEO consultants, link builders and copywriters.

Our primary goal is to increase your profits, so we focus on real business results instead of complex and overpriced analyzes.

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PPC Profits

PPC advertising management

We will provide you with effective management of PPC advertising for search engines and social networks Facebook / Instagram. Our management will reduce your total click costs and conversions (e.g. when shopping in an e-shop or ordering services) and bring you more relevant customers interested in your products. One specially assigned consultant will be involved in your campaign at all times while maintaining an overview of everything. Through continuous optimization, the campaign will find out where you are wasting money (clicks) and where you can earn more.

Campaign management effectively manages the resources invested in PPC advertising.

Thanks to the reports, you will always be in the picture and know what is happening with your PPC campaign and how it is doing.

Certified professional management will reduce your costs per click.

We specialize not only in PPC advertising but are also an authority in the field.


Why choose PPC Profits to manage PPC campaigns

  1. We are certified to manage PPC campaigns in Google AdWords, and you will receive an additional 1,000 free credit.
  2. Make money from the 1st month.
  3. Effective management of PPC advertising will reduce your credit costs and increase demand for your services.
  4. We have been managing PPC campaigns for over 10 years. We follow news in the field and work with modern tools.
  5. Not only do you have transparent and unlimited access to your advertising account with us, but we will actively inform you during the month regarding how we are fulfilling the set strategy and goals. A detailed monthly report with an exact breakdown of the work we have done is a matter of course. We always look at ad optimization comprehensively - we will advise you, for example, how to improve your website targeting a higher conversion rate, how to work better with texts, or how to evaluate measurements in Google Analytics.
  6. We review your campaign budget and cost-per-clicks every day to keep it to a minimum. Our services also include switching off uneffective advertisements and favoring effective ones. We provide tagging and linking with Google Analytics. We are constantly looking for new potential to increase your profits.

PPC audit and strategy

Not satisfied with the performance of your PPC advertising? Are you paying too much for a conversion? We'll audit your current campaign and suggest specific steps to lower your cost-per-conversion.

  • We analyze whether or not the account has the correct structure.
  • We evaluate the suitability of keywords and identify new words with outstanding potential.
  • We'll check that the conversion tracking and remarketing settings are correct.
  • We'll check the quality of copywriting, CPC pricing, and much much more.

Why choose PPC Profits for a PPC audit?

  1. We'll analyze the campaign's potential.
  2. We’ll design higher performing landing pages.
  3. We‘ll check the ad‘s relevance.
  4. We'll review the suitability of your keywords (including negatives).
  5. PPC audit can save you thousands of crowns on pointless "click throughs". Within a week, you will learn where you are wasting money and where there is potential to increase revenue.
  6. This audit does not commit you to any further cooperation nor has hidden conditions.

The PPC audit evaluates the overall status of the campaign in several steps:

  1. Potential - Does advertising have potential; can you earn more or is there room for cost cutting?
  2. Another criterion is Relevance - to get the right ads when you enter the right keywords.
  3. Check your budget and cost-per-clicks to see if you have budget constraints somewhere and make the most of your campaign.
  4. Negative keywords - check if they are correctly set and addressed.
  5. Landing pages - Will users arrive at a relevant landing page through an ad? Does your landing page have sufficient conversion potential? Want tips and tricks to improve your PPC ad?

PPC advertising for search engines

We create and set high-performance PPC ads for search engines including Adwords, Sklik and Etarget. We control real-time bidding and remarketing and we also do advertising on Facebook.

We are a full-service agency - we focus not only on PPC advertising and therefore we can guarantee that you get the best available on the market. We also understand your business in context. The recipe for increasing profits is not just PPC advertising or SEO, but all business processes, your website, your product, its price, customer service, and more. Together, we will identify the shortcomings that prevent the maximum potential of PPC campaigns from being used.

  • We'll only bring relevant customers interested in your product or service to your site.
  • We will launch your PPC ad within 5 business days.
  • Pay per click.
  • $ 50 AdWords credit for new customers.

We solve PPC not only for the Czech Republic, but also for: Slovakia, Germany, USA, England, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, and France.

We provide PPC advertising services throughout the Czech Republic, local PPC advertising for: Prague, Brno, Ostrava, Pilsen, Liberec, Olomouc, Ceske Budejovice, Hradec Kralove, Usti nad Labem or Pardubice.

Not sure how your PPC advertising works? We will prepare a free PPC audit for you. See how to increase PPC advertising revenue in our case studies.

Why choose PPC Profits for PPC campaigns?

  1. We have been focusing on PPC campaigns and internet performance advertising since 2007.
  2. You have unlimited and transparent account access.
  3. No commitments - you can terminate your cooperation with just 1 month notice.
  4. We bring you ongoing information on the status of your campaign (2 reports per month).

Here's how to set up your PPC ad:

  1. We will create advertising accounts for you if you do not already have one. If you already have a PPC ad, we will conduct an in-depth PPC audit.
  2. Set up analytics tools (like Google Analytics) to make your campaign transparent
  3. We will prepare a thorough analysis of the keywords relevant to your business and compare the metrics (price, search, competition) to recommend those keywords that will be profitable for you.
  4. We write ads that will attract your customers. We consult the advertisements with you so that you have an overview.
  5. We deploy ads to your advertising accounts, link your accounts to Google Analytics, and set up conversion tracking (orders) and remarketing.
  6. We manage and optimize your campaign to reduce cost-per-clicks while increasing conversions (inquiries, e-shop sales, etc.).


Want to be more visible in Google or List search results to gain new customers? We have been involved in SEO or search engine optimization for over 10 years, so we know what really works. We will perform an SEO audit of your website, remove obstacles in indexing and fine-tune the on-page factors that affect your search engine rankings. We can also help you edit the content and create backlinks.

  • We will evaluate your website in terms of attractiveness for search engines in the form of SEO audit.
  • We will remove technical barriers to indexing.
  • We will prepare a keyword analysis, on the basis of which we will modify or supplement the content of the website.
  • We will take care of linkbuilding to build a solid link profile for the website.

Why choose PPC Profits for SEO?

  1. We focus on several disciplines of online marketing, so we will properly integrate SEO into your online marketing strategy.
  2. We do not promise what we cannot fulfill. We will do everything to make your website attractive in the eyes of search engines, but as a solid company we do not guarantee positions.
  3. We will help you with a partial SEO problem, or we will provide you with SEO management from A to Z.
  4. You can also entrust us with PPC, advertising on Facebook, e-mailing, or product search engines.

How do we proceed with search engine optimization?

  1. We will perform an SEO audit of the website, which will reveal all the shortcomings that search engines discourage or explicitly penalize.
  2. We analyze web code and technical solutions that can complicate indexing by search engines.
  3. We will perform a keyword analysis to find out how potential customers search for your services or products.
  4. In cooperation with a copywriter, we will help you fine-tune the content of the website so that search engines crawl over it.
  5. We will further strengthen your authority in the eyes of search engines by building a network of backlinks.

Banner and video advertising

We will effectively set up a PPC banner ad to raise awareness of your product or service! Subsequent management will significantly reduce cost-per-click. A modern internet marketing tool is video-based social networks such as Google’s YouTube platform.

  • Video advertising is the fastest growing internet marketing tool.
  • Advertising on the YouTube social network today is in high demand and efficient.
  • Banner advertising will increase product awareness and promote your brand.
  • Banners and video are suitable not only for creative companies.

Why choose PPC Profits for banner and video advertising

  1. We focus on PPC campaigns, banner, and video advertising.
  2. We have 5 years of experience in the field and we are constantly studying innovations in the field.
  3. In addition to video content and banners, we specialize in remarketing.

Our customers' references speak for themselves.

Banner and video advertising growing! ZenithOptimedia, a worldwide media agency, has announced that banner advertising is the fastest growing format for online advertising, mainly thanks to online video. YouTube also has a big impact on increasing video advertising.

Banner and video advertising are suitable for companies who want to raise awareness of their product and build their brand image on the Internet. Banner and video ads appear on sites that participate in AdSense (Google.com) and YouTube advertising systems.

Banners can achieve high value impressions for users at a low cost.


Have you started a website, visitors go to it, but do not buy anything, do not leave contacts and leave the site without any action? Your site probably deserves to be improved in terms of its conversion rate. PPC Profits will help you fine-tune all the elements so that you achieve your goals and visitors will be happy to return to the website.

  • We use analytical tools to find out where the error occurred.
  • We will perform A / B tests that will give us clear data on what users prefer on your site.
  • We will find out whether the problem is UX, copy, information architecture of the website or other elements.
  • We will help you implement the findings on your website.

Why choose PPC Profits for CRO?

  1. We operate in many disciplines of online marketing and it does not happen that by modifying one element we decide on another - for example, linked campaigns.
  2. We will patiently review the process of adjusting your site's conversion potential so that you know why this or that adjustment is necessary.
  3. We will try to choose such a solution where you get the maximum result for the minimum invested funds.
  4. We then further evaluate the conversion rate adjustments and further tune your site according to the data obtained.

How do we proceed with CRO?

  1. We analyze your website and available data (eg from Google Analytics) and reveal where customers leave the website. Is it in step 2 of the shopping cart? Is it after they have been looking for some information for a long time and can't find it?
  2. Based on the findings, we will then compile a plan of priority adjustments on the website step by step.
  3. During the modifications, we test the behavior of website visitors and choose the ideal variant of the solution, which will bring you more orders, more contacts, more newsletter subscriptions and much more.
  4. You won't believe how even a small change can work wonders with a conversion rate.


Do you want to stay in touch with your customers after they leave your site? Do you want to inform them about new events or send them a regular newsletter? Then it's time to start email marketing. In PPC Profits, we will select the ideal mailing software for you, segment your mailing list and prepare a set of e-mail templates.

  • MailChimp or SmartEmailing? We will advise you which software is suitable for your marketing goals.
  • We will prepare the strategy and creative of the distribution, including a set of templates.
  • We will train your team in working with mailing software.
  • We evaluate the success of e-mailing and further adjust the strategy according to the obtained data.

Why choose PPC Profits for e-mailing?

  1. We also deal with other disciplines of online marketing, which we can effectively connect with e-mail marketing.
  2. If you do not have your own e-mail database, we will help you obtain one so that we do not bother the recipients with spam.
  3. We have already tried all the procedures for you, so we know what to send, how, when and to whom, to maximize the effect of e-mailing.
  4. You can contact us at any time with a quick consultation or adjustment.

How do we proceed with e-mailing?

  1. We will find out what goals you want to achieve by e-mailing, and we will select the appropriate software accordingly and devise a strategy.
  2. We will prepare templates of the most common types of shipments to match your visual identity.
  3. Set up mailings and evaluation.
  4. Setting basic functions does not end it. We will train your team in working with e-mailing software, help with e-mail copywriting and we will constantly bring you tips to improve the effectiveness of e-mailing campaigns from our practice.

Web development

Do you want to start an online business and need a successful online presentation of your person or company? Boldly, start your website! However, it is also your business card, so make it worthwhile. At PPC Profits , we will prepare a modern and user-friendly website for you according to your ideas - we can do everything from a smaller WordPress website to a demanding e-shop. In addition, we can effectively help you with its subsequent promotion through PPC , SEO , e-mailing or product search engines .

Web development

5 reasons why PPC Profits will create the best website for you

  1. We are not only webmasters , but also marketers, so we will prepare a website for you that corresponds to your online strategy and marketing mix.
  2. We will help you with a small and ambitious online project and we will also adjust the price for you
  3. We have a wide team with experienced graphic designers, programmers, UX experts and copywriters
  4. We will choose the ideal platform for your website, with which you will have a minimum of worries, we will find suitable hosting and we will train you
  5. Our web design services do not end there, we will also help you bring quality traffic to the web


How does it work?

  1. We will first talk about the goals of your site and suggest the ideal platform and process for creating your new site.
  2. We will select suitable experts from our team for your project, who will be fully dedicated to your entire project.

Price list

Web design ... from 15,000 CZK without VAT.

However, it depends on your specific needs, current status, the size of your company and other factors. Services and prices are individual and tailor-made for us, so please contact us for a more accurate price offer.

PPC advertising for Facebook, Instagram

We will design an advertising strategy and arrange the subsequent implementation of your PPC campaign on Facebook (Instagram) so it becomes a truly profitable channel for you. Today, any high school student can manage your Facebook profile, including ads. However, if you want to make this social network a cash machine, contact us. Facebook has been a prime focus of ours since 2008, when we implemented the first campaign.

  • In the Czech Republic, there are over 4 million users on Facebook.
  • Great targeting options by age, gender, education, location, and customer interests.
  • Excellent price / performance ratio.
  • Complete and detailed campaign statistics.

Advertising on Facebook is provided throughout the Czech Republic, it is possible to meet in person in Prague, Brno, Ostrava, Pilsen, Liberec, Olomouc, Usti nad Labem, Hradec Kralove, Ceske Budejovice, or Pardubice.

PPC advertising for Facebook, Instagram

Why choose PPC Profits for Facebook or Instagram Advertising

  1. We will prepare a sophisticated strategy of attracting new fans and communicating with them.
  2. We will prepare interesting content for your Facebook pages, which will excite fans activity.
  3. Effective management of PPC advertising on Facebook from PPC Profits will reduce your per page fan costs by up to 71% in the first month.
  4. We have been advertising on Facebook since 2008 and we have implemented hundreds of campaigns.

How do we advertise on Facebook and Instagram?

  1. We will do a detailed analysis of your product / service, competition, your target audience.
  2. We will propose a strategy - how and to whom to target, how to communicate.
  3. We will discuss the main goals and metrics of the campaign together.
  4. Set up and run your campaign.
  5. We are constantly testing the campaign and looking for ways to get more and where to save. In the context of facebook advertising we will also be happy to help you not only to attract new fans, but also to communicate with the current ones, to create a content plan or  Timeline page graphics.

Content marketing

You say you don't you need content marketing? Mistake. It is becoming, among other things, an increasingly important part of SEO - and therefore also your visibility in search engines. Let PPC Profits Create quality and unique content specifically for your brand . One that will be beneficial to users on the Internet will attract attention and show the (potential) customer that you are really here to help him, not just draw money from him.

Content marketing

5 reasons why PPC Profits will do you the best content marketing:

  1. We have been involved in Internet marketing since 2008, so we already know what will work best for your type of business
  2. We are on the trail of the latest trends that we can use to your advantage so that you are one step ahead of the competition
  3. In our team we have specialists in the field who will write relevant and readable articles for you, which will attract readers.
  4. We also understand SEO - so we optimize the content so that it will appear in the search at higher ranks
  5. Articles will not be just copied or blindly translated from foreign sources - we will create them for you and will be unique

How does it work?

  1. We will first evaluate the existing content and suggest any modifications. We will not re-write something that only needs to be slightly modified. We will then create an effective content strategy tailored to your business.
  2. We will help you with the execution of the entire content strategy - we will write new articles if necessary and optimize the old ones so that they are in line with your new content strategy.

Price list

The price depends on the range of services and the complexity of the topic. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a specific price offer. We are also happy to accommodate small companies and sole traders.

Price search engines

Heureka, Zbozi, Favi, Glami, Biano, Google Shopping... Do these names mean anything to you? If you run an e-shop and they don't say, you're missing out. Give PPC Profits a good look at these price comparators. You will be rewarded with more exposure to relevant users and more customers who will actually buy. We are here for you and your goods, whether you are starting out or just want to optimize an existing (non-fulfilling) condition.

Price search engines

5 reasons to throw price search engine management at PPC Profits:

  1. We operate in many disciplines of online marketing, and therefore we are able to connect price comparators, for example, with PPC or search engine optimization so that everything makes sense.
  2. We are flexible and will recommend the most suitable procedure for you, regardless of whether you are selling units or hundreds of products. We will also take care of their continuous management and optimization against the competition.
  3. We don't work based on feelings, but based on data. We evaluate your profit from search engines and use the obtained data to choose another strategy.
  4. With us you will always have an overview. We will inform you about everything important and submit regular reports.
  5. We have been in the industry for more than 15 years.

How is it going?

  • Just want to get started? We will select price search engines where it pays to be based on the nature of your business, prepare XML feeds of your goods/prices and set everything up to meet your business goals.
  • Are you already on price search engines, but not satisfied with the benefit? We'll see where the problem is and suggest improvements that will bring you relevant customers.

Price list

Audit of price comparators... from CZK 2,000 without VAT.

Setting up price comparators... from CZK 2,000 without VAT.

Management of price comparators... from 2000 CZK/month without VAT.

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